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100 Best Economics Research Topics

Most students struggle to choose or find the best economic research topics. But, choosing the right research topics in economics can make all the difference in the quality of the final paper. Economics can be defined as the study of the way scarce resources are used in valuables’ production. When pursuing an economics program, learners analyze how humans distribute resources and valuables among all society members.

Choosing Economics Research Topics

But, students are taught about different aspects of an economy before they are asked to pick and write about economic topics. As such, learners are expected to know about real-life economies, daily expenses, and expenditure. They also learn about politics, trade, medicine, race, poverty, war, religion, unemployment, and even technology. These are some of the things that affect the economy.

Nevertheless, many learners find selecting hot topics in economics challenging. That’s because they do not understand all issues that affect and relate to an economy. If you’re having difficulties choosing topics for economics research paper, here are some of the ideas to consider.

Undergraduate Economic Research Topics

Perhaps, you’re pursuing an undergraduate program when the educator asks you to write term papers and research papers. In that case, you may have difficulties choosing the best economics project topics. Nevertheless, this should not worry you because the internet is awash with ideas to consider. Here are some of the best undergraduate economics papers topics to consider.

  1. What are the 3 opportunity costs?
  2. Important things to know about a fiscal policy
  3. How are the exchange rates set by banks?
  4. Explain how cost-benefit analysis is conducted
  5. Explain the key ethical issues in any economy
  6. Explain ways of achieving profit maximization
  7. Why are some resources rare?
  8. How does war affect the economies of the conflicting sides?
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of privatization?
  10. What is economic forecasting?

Research extensively when writing on any of these economic paper topics. This will enable you to come up with a paper that is packed with relevant and quality information. That way, you will impress the educator to award you the top grade.

Interesting Behavioral Economics Topics

Maybe you’re looking for the most interesting economics topics for presentation or research. In that case, consider this behavioral economics research topics list:

  1. What is the economy of trust?
  2. Can money make you happy?
  3. Does financial wellbeing make a person happy?
  4. Discuss gender and buying capacity
  5. What is the relationship between the race and economic power of a person?
  6. How does economic stability affect the social life of an individual?
  7. Explain the per household economic analysis
  8. Explain the brain changes that occur when striking a deal
  9. Describe Uber as an element of the economy of trust
  10. Discuss the human insights that miss in big data- How do they affect the economy?

These are some of the most interesting economics debate topics that relate to human behaviors. However, you should be ready to research and gather the latest information on these topics to come up with a good presentation or paper.

Interesting Economics Topics

Maybe you want to write about an interesting topic. In that case, consider economic research paper topics in this category.

  1. Discuss the sources, essence, types, and consequences of inflation
  2. How does game theory affect the economic theory
  3. How does labor force participation affect the budget and economy
  4. How are consumer choices affected by income changes?
  5. Discuss the market equilibrium concept
  6. How does price affect the buying behavior of the consumers?
  7. How is price elasticity affected by advertising?
  8. Is the law of demand followed by luxury goods?
  9. Is cross elasticity of demand important?
  10. Discuss the factors that affect the pricing system

One thing that makes these research paper topics in economics interesting is the fact that they investigate how decisions and behavior affect the demand and supply of services and products. This, in turn, influences how money flows in society.

Health Economics Topics

The health of society members affects the economy of their country. However, this might not be clear to students at first. Health economics research topics enable learners to produce essays and papers that are very interesting. Here are some of the most interesting health economic topics today.

  1. How can a smoking ban affect the economy of a country?
  2. Does economics affect world hunger?
  3. How can the United States justify free healthcare?
  4. What is perfect competition in the world of pharmaceuticals?
  5. Discuss the effects of chronic diseases on the economy and the workforce
  6. How important is health insurance?
  7. Discuss the pharmaceuticals industry economics
  8. How is the economy affected by the outbreak of an infectious disease?
  9. How can revenue collection in public hospitals be optimized?
  10. How an unhealthy country becomes poor

Select these topics in economics if you want to research and write about something topical and relevant to the public health sector.

Amazing Environmental Economics Topics

Perhaps, you want to write about something that touches the economy and the environment. In that case, consider topics in this category. Some of the most interesting environmental economics essay topics to consider include the following.

  1. Economic institutions’ evolution to climate change
  2. Why is analyzing the clean drinking water economics important?
  3. How is the economic growth affected by greenhouses?
  4. Cost-benefit analysis of environmental regulation measures
  5. How is economic growth affected by global warming?
  6. The European Union Emission Trading System Analysis- Discuss
  7. How rare is waste management as a resource?
  8. How is the economy affected by wildlife protection?
  9. Explain the economic potential of the energy markets
  10. Explain the impact of technological advancement on economic growth

Any of these topics can be used to come up with an awesome paper or essay. However, research is required to gather relevant and topical information on any of these topics. Thus, you should be ready to research extensively if you choose any of these topics.

Labor Economics Topics

If pursuing a course in labor economics, you may want to write an essay or paper about a topic in this category. Here are some of the best ideas for a research paper or essay on labor economics.

  1. How do strikes affect the economy?
  2. What factors should influence the minimum wages?
  3. Do low taxes enhance quality labor supply?
  4. How is wage affected by education, skills, and experience?
  5. What are the effects of immigration on the labor market?
  6. How does technological progress affect working conditions and production?
  7. Vocational vs. higher education- Is the education type an influential factor for employment?
  8. Discuss firm profitability and minimum wages
  9. How can the differences in wages between women and men be explained?
  10. Does wealth influence professional choice?

Choose a topic in this category if interested in something that relates to labor and economics. But, be ready to research and compare different concepts when researching and writing your paper.

Macroeconomics Topics for Research

Maybe you want to write about a topic that addresses global issues. In that case, choose your economic thesis topics from this category. Here are some of the best macroeconomic topic ideas for research papers.

  1. Discuss the relationship between unemployment and economic growth
  2. What are some of the factors that can cause a global recession?
  3. How does the expenditure of a government affect the economic growth of a country?
  4. Discuss the relationship between inflation and common stock prices
  5. How does the income tax revenue of a company affect the developing economies
  6. How does internet connectivity relate to workplace productivity?
  7. Discuss the stock market evolution- What are the causes and effects?
  8. Compare the unemployment rates in the United States to those of the other countries
  9. How does currency devaluation affect medium and small companies?
  10. How does inflation relate to government spending?

Students should be careful when choosing the topics to write their economic papers about. That’s because the choice of a topic influences the overall writing experience, as well as, the final grade. Therefore, take your time to conduct preliminary research on different economics term paper topics before making the final decision or contact a professional term paper writer. Also, make sure that the topic that you choose enables you to accomplish your study goals. Your supervisor can guide you once you submit a proposal for your research paper.

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