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Most Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Thesis Outline


A thesis outline is a complete organization guide of a written paper. Simply put, it is a comprehensive blueprint showing how different pieces of information merge to form the entire thesis that a student is working on.

Thesis Outline Writing Guide

A thesis outline serves the following purposes:

  • Organizes ideas that are generated from reading, free writing, or brainstorming activities with the aim of crafting a great paper.

  • A thesis outline helps pinpoint areas that an academic paper requires more work to support the core arguments.

  • It makes it easy to identify the areas that have received too much emphasis so that some components are omitted to avoid imbalance.

  • With a good outline, you can easily identify the way different ideas are related, making it easy for you to establish where to use connections and transitions.

  • Provides the perfect way to establish how the ideas fit with the thesis statement of the entire paper.

We must indicate that the thesis outline that you use will determine how good or otherwise your paper will be. Therefore, it is paramount that you understand the main steps of creating a thesis outline and only use the best.

Thesis Outline Template

When the time to write a masters thesis or research paper comes, most students often get stuck even before getting started. However, you can make the process of working on your thesis simpler by creating and using the best thesis outline format for your paper. However, you might be wondering of how to write a thesis outline.

To help you with this, here is an expert sample of a master’s thesis outline that you can use as a guide. Note how the thesis of the paper interweaves with both the title and the entire paper.

Title: The Impact of Common Sense on American Political Thought

Thesis: Common Sense, a pamphlet by Thomas Paine brought out the anti-British views of the Colonies in an emphatic way that it altered the face of political viewpoints in America.

  1. Introduction.

  1. Thesis of your paper: Common Sense, a publication by Thomas Paine brought out the anti-British views of the Colonies in such a unique way that it altered the face of political viewpoints in America.

  1. What exactly did Thomas say that was different?

  1. Common Sense denounced the English Constitution and the monarchy that were previously considered brilliant. Therefore, it opened Americans’ eyes by revealing the main fallacies of using hereditary administration, especially the monarch system. English constitution was written to help protect the monarch.

  2. The publication asked Americans not to associate with the British system because it was flawed and asked them to create their own. Particularly, Thomas strongly differed with the assertion that all colonies were inseparable from England, thereby giving a different viewpoint that paved the way for a new American identity and rebirth.

  3. Common Sense captures the key benefits of adopting a republican administration that ultimately informed the American founding fathers’ ideas.

  1. The Short-term Impacts of Common Sense on British Colonies.

  1. In America, the publication made the people shift from reconciling with England to demanding total independence.

  2. A lot of colonists gathered and formed a huge force behind independence.

  3. American intellectuals were inspired to start calling for independence. Indeed, it formed an important premise for writing the Declaration of Independence.

  1. Long Term Implications that Arose from Common Sense.

  1. The word revolution was changed, taking connotations of the future, particularly with the emphasis on innovation.

  2. Common Sense strengthened the idea of non-hereditary government, and the key concepts were carried to the constitution.

  1. Conclusion.

  1. Common Sense provides clear and unprecedented arguments about monarchy and the British constitution, resulting in a radical change in the American political thought.

How to Make a Thesis Outline

Now that we have provided a thesis format outline sample that you can use to inform your paper, we will move to the next step and answer the question, “What is the best method of writing a thesis outline?”

Although preparing a senior thesis outline might sound complex to many students, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you have a clear grasp of the topic that you are working on. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a thesis outline format like a pro.

  1. Pick the best title for your paper. In most cases, the title of the paper will depend on the discipline that you are working on. Make sure to pick an idea that you are enthusiastic about, and that comes with ample resources to make writing the paper easy.

  2. Develop your thesis statement. This is very important because it will have a bearing on the entire paper. Here are some examples of good thesis statements:

  • Schools should provide educational requirements to students from low-income areas during holidays so that they do not forget what was taught in school.

  • Populism rise in 2016 was a reaction to the fast growth of globalization and declining manufacturing jobs.

  • Companies should provide their workers with more work from home opportunities for better work-life balance.

  1. Do comprehensive research of your topic to identify and support your thesis. When working on how to do a thesis statement outline, this is a very important step because the points need to be interwoven correctly from the beginning to the end. So, make sure to label the main points well, from number one to the last, because they will form the main structure of the paper. If the assignment is not long, the main points in the thesis paper outline should be used to form the topic sentences when writing the body of the paper. Good examples of the main points for the title “The Impact of Common Sense on American Political Thought” that we looked earlier are:

  • What exactly did Thomas say that was different?
  • Long Term Implications that Arose from Common Sense.
  • The Short-term Impacts of Common Sense on British Colonies.
  1. Under each point, do further research to identify supporting points, and label them a), b), c) when working on the outline for thesis paper. One of the best methods of how to make a thesis outline more comprehensive more comprehensive is also ensuring to capture the counter-arguments. However, this type of a thesis paper outline will be more effective when dealing with specific types of assignments, such as cause and effect papers.

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If you are unsure of how to develop a great thesis outline format, it is advisable to consider reading another sample of a well-developed paper. Then, use the master thesis outline example to try and craft a similar outline. However, we have to agree that even with a good example, it might still be challenging, especially if you have a lot of things to do or the deadline of the assignment is short.

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