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100 Technology Research Topics for 2021


Writing a research paper in any discipline is one of the most important tasks students must undertake. They need to know just how much researching and writing a great assignment can help them achieve their academic goals. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to figure out precisely what to conduct research on and write about. Specifically, students struggle to come up with good technology topics.

Our academic experts have put together a list of 100 technology research topics by searching hundreds of online and print journals and taking the most talked about issues and creating this list of great technology essay topics. Learn how to choose a good idea and take a look at our suggestions and feel free to change them anyway you want to fit your unique interests and assignment requirements. Our technology research topics are divided into 20 sub-areas to help you navigate:

Topics about Technology for Middle School Students

  • What are the basics of artificial intelligence?
  • How would artificial intelligence impact information access?
  • What are the risks and challenges of artificial intelligence regulation?
  • Should the U.S. regulate the level of artificial intelligence under development?
  • What are the negative and positive effects of living in technologically-advanced cities?

Educational Technology Topics for Middle School Students

  • How did the quest to build artificial intelligence begin?
  • Does an artificial intelligence robot strive to improve its skills?
  • Are middle school students afforded more educational tools because of technology?
  • To solve world problems, what technologies do we need to look into?
  • Has social media created more problems for developing countries?

Interesting Technology Topics for a High School Assignment

  • What are the most important priorities for beneficial and robust artificial technology?
  • Do artificial intelligence robots have feelings? What do they think about?
  • How can the world’s problems be solved by new technology?
  • Is it safe to implement artificial intelligence in medical facilities to manage patients’ info?
  • Does the use of CGI in films take something away from natural acting?

Technology Persuasive Speech Topics for a High School Level Course

  • Should we develop identity chips to have placed inside of humans?
  • How has technology changed the way professional sports organizations prepare?
  • How does our interaction with humans affect our interactions with computers?
  • Why are there so many glitches in newer technology tools (e.g., cell phones)?
  • What are some of the ways people can use technology to solve world problems?

Information Technology Research Paper Topics for Any Situation

  • Does communication over the internet make the world smaller or bigger?
  • Will countries like Iran and Iraq continue to restrict internet access to their citizens?
  • Are we more productive at work when we use digital tools?
  • How has digital learning positively affected the way students learn?
  • How has technology on the field affected the outcome of professional sporting events?

Technology Controversy Topics for High School Students

  • Does artificial intelligence pose a threat to existential questions humans have?
  • What are the possible advancements in AI as it relates to the medical field?
  • In what was has the internet caused more problems outside of the United States?
  • Should governments be allowed to control or monitor the internet?
  • Can video game technology be used to help with global problems?

Technology Security Topics for College Students

  • How does artificial intelligence affect a person’s sense of self-worth?
  • How is the global economy affected by globalization through technological advancements?
  • Is it wrong for parents to genetically engineer their children?
  • How does rehab technology positively impact injury recovery in athletes?
  • In what ways has augmented reality affected the e-commerce world?

Technology Research Paper Topics for Every Situation

  • In what ways are new technologies harming our daily lives?
  • What are the major developments in cybersecurity heading to 2021?
  • What are the risks that artificial intelligence poses in the medical field?
  • In what ways have changes in IT support changed business success?
  • How much time should children be allowed to use the internet?

Controversial Topics in Technology for Graduate Students

  • How have CGI advancements affected the quality of American films?
  • How will inter-city change in light of technological advancements?
  • Are VPN services safe to utilize or do they put people at risk?
  • Should addiction to video games be treated as a serious problem?
  • How can gene editing solve genetic problems in children?

Research Topic about Technology for Ph.D. Students

  • Are digital voting machines safe in light of cyber risks?
  • In what ways does cybersecurity lack the ability to keep up with hackers?
  • Can we rely on mobile phone medical applications to track our health?
  • How much time should parents allow kids to use the internet?
  • Is it safe to manage medical information in the “cloud”?

Great Technology Essay Topics for a Long Project

  • Do self-driving cars make the roads safer for travelers?
  • How does social media use put users’ data privacy at risk?
  • Is bitcoin a safe way of conducting financial transactions around the world?
  • Has the rise of cryptocurrency negatively impacted the financial world?
  • What are the most common signs of video game addiction in teenagers?

Technology Debate Topics for a Short Project

  • How have the internet and increased processing speeds helped to outsource work?
  • What does the future hold for video game streaming technologies?
  • What does it mean for mobile technology by transitioning to a 5G network?
  • How does the use of instant messaging aid terrorist groups?
  • How will the educational system change with new technologies?

Information Technology Research Topics

  • In what ways does technology impact the pharmaceutical industry?
  • Why are there fewer teenagers using social media sites like Facebook?
  • Are parental filters on the internet effective tools to protect children?
  • Is it a good idea to ban instant messaging on high school campuses?
  • Can social media be used to boost a teenager’s self-esteem?

Hot Topics in Technology You Need to Hear About

  • How can organ donation be improved to make the experience better?
  • Is it ethical to utilize technology to keep patients alive with the help of machines?
  • What is the likelihood of regeneration technologies make limb replacement a reality?
  • In what ways is stem cell research reliant on technological advancements?
  • What is the best technology for improving an infertile couple’s ability to have children?

Research Topics on Technology on Innovation

  • How have technological advancements in health prolonged athletes’ careers?
  • What are the most likely innovations we can expect in the next two decades?
  • Should technological advancements be made available to every country?
  • How do military innovations minimize the risk of violent conflict?
  • Should people use human genetic sequencing technology to assess future health risks?

Controversial Technology Topics about Privacy Rights

  • Should human testing be allowed to advance technology?
  • Is a human brain and AI interface a true likelihood soon?
  • How has CRISPR improved scientists’ abilities to alter the human genome?
  • Should genetically-modified organisms such as plants be used to solve hunger?
  • Can animal testing be banned through the effective use of technology?

Science and Technology Topics for Today’s World

  • Should companies incorporate more technology to allow employees to work from home?
  • What is international travel going to look like in the post-Covid-19 world?
  • Is it a good idea to have self-driving cars in metropolitan areas?
  • What kind of genetic information should future parents be allowed to access?
  • Should employers have access to employees’ genetic information?

Information Technology Topics Related to Business

  • How important is digital marketing to growing economies?
  • Should the medical field share patients’ information to advance treatment?
  • In what ways do IT regulatory practices hinder small businesses?
  • Are small businesses at bigger risk without cybersecurity measures?
  • How does technology help with supply chain management?

Computer Technology Topics Related to Education

  • Does modern technology make students more or less productive?
  • Should new schools be built to accommodate newer technologies?
  • Is it a good idea to put all current textbooks on the internet?
  • How has educational technology leveled the playing field for students?
  • Should schools work with tech companies to develop educational tablets?

Technology Related Topics on the Subject of Privacy

  • What is the relationship between technological innovation and privacy?
  • What should companies consider when choosing an encryption system?
  • How has digital authoritarianism grown in some countries as a result of Covid-19?
  • What can the United States do to curb digital espionage in today’s world?
  • Does contact tracing during a pandemic a violation of privacy?

The first thing you need to do before starting your research is to choose a great technology research topic. It’s probably similar to other situations where you have had to select a topic from a given list, but when you reach higher academic levels you are encouraged to bring your fresh ideas. This is where an experienced term paper writer can help. You can use any of the topics on technology we have listed above. You can also contact us to have one of our academic experts create custom topics for technology list to fit your particular assignment.

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