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How To Write Acknowledgments In Research Paper – Basic Guide

Writing a research paper properly requires a great deal of effort. It demands a vast investment of time and other resources of the person as well. A research paper contains numerous sections and each of them is different from the others. Nevertheless, many scholars find the acknowledgment a little difficult. You can choose to read different acknowledgment examples for a research paper but it causes confusion in many sections. Therefore, we have prepared the following article. It will help you clear any doubts present in this case.

how to write acknowledgments


Why Acknowledgment For Research Paper Is So Important:

While some of you might be wondering as to how to write acknowledgments in a research paper, there must be some, facing confusion regarding the importance of the same. Well, an acknowledgment is essential for a number of reasons that one cannot overlook at any circumstances. First of all, people who provide notable contributions deserve full credits for the same. Acknowledging their contributions helps the research process remain professional and amicable. It also shows the integrity and honesty of the researcher. This gesture will help you significantly in the future. In the near future, when you will contribute to the research paper of another professional, you will also expect to receive some credit for the same. Various research papers are published each year and each one of them has a different word count. Therefore, it is difficult to say if there is a particular size one acknowledgment should have. Still, your acknowledgment should contain all the necessary information. You should not use filler language in the acknowledgment because it is unprofessional. Depending upon the number of contributors, the size of your research paper with acknowledgment could vary greatly. Your contributors could be very few or plenty in number. Also, make sure that you avoid the names of those who you should not specify in this section.

How To Write Acknowledgments And In What Style

Style of writing the acknowledgment is a confusing matter as well. Most of the people do not understand the fact that the style varies from institution to institution. One institution might support writing informal acknowledgment whereas one would strictly avoid it at all costs. You should try to read any specific guidelines in order to find out which style would suit you the most. In case there are no guidelines in this regard, you should try to follow a formal style. That is so because most of the research papers follow this pattern. The most confusing factor in this regard is who deserves your acknowledgment. Any research paper is a product of the contribution of numerous people. You would not want to name the wrong people in the acknowledgment as there are some common notions for one to follow. You should give credit to those who provided you with the financial assistance of any sort. Some researchers might require the person to incur some expenses. Apart from them, you can also give credit to those people who provided significant contributions to your paper. Experts, whom you would have contacted for gaining knowledge, should be preferred for acknowledgments. That is so because without their insights and help your research would have never reached conclusion. Apart from that, any sources that helped you significantly in your research also deserve acknowledgment.

What to Avoid in Acknowledgments

There are no specific rules as to which people you should name in your acknowledgment section. However, while considering as to how to write acknowledgments in research paper, you should make sure that you do not write the names of those who made negligible contributions. People who provided you with assistance in other areas of your work should not be named in your acknowledgment for a research paper. This means that you should not write the names of your parents or peers if they did not make any direct contributions. Many students make this mistake and it is highly advisable that you do not do the same.

Writing Superb Research Paper With Acknowledgment

The guidelines of the journal matter the most. Make sure that you double-check the requirements so you do not encounter any problems in that regard. It would be better to read the guidelines just before writing the acknowledgment to avoid difficulty. Your journal might specify the style and size of the acknowledgment, which is a crucial set of information. Apart from these points, you should also consider your own preferences while writing the acknowledgment. Following the guidelines, you will not encounter any problem in including a little touch of your own. Apart from that, you would not want to keep any information vague or wrong in the section so keep this point in mind too.

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