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45 Fresh Term Paper Topics for Students

Writing a term paper is not an easy task at all. However, it can be done. After all, so many students manage to do it every semester. Yes, writing term papers takes a lot of research. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of effort. But you can do it! And we are here to make sure you get a top grade on your research paper. We know how important term paper topics are, so we are providing 45 topics for you to choose from. You can use any of our topics for free. In addition, we will provide some tips on how to write the perfect term paper towards the end of this blog post. Remember, you can write your own research paper if you have enough time and you know how to do it. If you are running out of time, you can always get professional assistance from an experienced writer. There are academic writing companies that are ready to help you with your essay right now.


Why Are Term Paper Topics So Important?

We keep talking about term paper topics. But what makes them so special? Why are topics so important that they warrant an entire blog post and 45 examples? Well, the topic of your research paper is the first thing your audience sees. It’s present in the title of your paper and it is also contained within your thesis statement. You want your term paper to be interesting and captivating, right? You want it to engage your readers and keep them reading until the end. This is exactly why you want fresh term paper topics. Because the topic is the one thing that has the potential to pique the interest of your readers – and your professor alike – and keep them reading. And did you know that if you manage to awe your teacher, you will most likely get some bonus points? You don’t have to be an exceptional academic writer to get a good grade. You just need to be able to dedicate some time and effort to the term paper and find an exceptional topic. Remember, original term paper topics can make the difference between a mediocre grade and a good grade.

Where to Find Term Paper Topics Online?

Don’t think that interesting term paper topics are easy to find. If that were the case, everyone would write about excellent topics. Everyone would get bonus points and top grades. This isn’t happening, right? So it is quite difficult to find term paper topics that are worthy of bonus points. However, once you know where to search for term paper topics, the process of finding an awesome topic becomes a lot easier. The first place to search is the Internet, of course. You can find hundreds of topics online. However, most of them are trivial and almost all of the topics you find online are already being used by other students – possible even your classmates. You want to dig deeper. Become active in chat rooms and read blogs in your field. Ask for interesting topics and watch what people are debating. You will find some very interesting talking points very fast. The best term paper topics are the topics that people are talking about; the subjects that have not been covered sufficiently and that need further research.
You can find new term paper topics in the library as well. Start by reading the best works by established authors and look for areas that require further research. Fresh term paper topics are the topics that nobody has talked about yet. In many cases, the authors of various research papers or journals clearly state the areas that require further research. All you have to do is pick these suggestions and create a term paper topics list from them. College students may not be exceptional at writing term papers, but they are very versatile when it comes to researching. So you can definitely pull it off!

Our 45 Fresh Term Paper Topics 2018

Do you want the best term paper topics 2018? We have compiled a list for you. Here it goes:

1. An analysis of discrimination in college education in the United States.
2. National standardized tests do not reflect the intelligence of college students.
3. Should corporal punishment be permitted in schools in the United States?
4. Drug and alcohol abuse is driving our students away from college.
5. Grade inflation in the US: Why are US students getting so many As when compared to European students?
1. Here is how the search engine of the future will work.
2. The impact of illegal digital downloads on the movie industry worldwide.
3. Freedom of speech is impossible to be regulated on the Internet.
4. China is censoring the Internet in a concerted effort to blind the population.
5. Social networks of the future: The next Facebook
Information Technology
1. Reasonable access: when does it become an invasion of privacy?
2. Analyzing how ransomware viruses spread; methods of encryption.
3. The processing power of a CPU versus the processing power of a supercomputer.
4. How Facebook got away with selling user data to third parties.
5. The attributes of the next major programming language (and its weaknesses).
1. Medical research: are animal rights still relevant?
2. Analyzing the inhumane treatment of animals in industrial farming.
3. Protecting all animals would lead to job losses in the farming industry.
4. Should a chimp be allowed to hold an ID and vote?
5. How animal rights have evolved over the years starting from the 50s.
Gun Control
1. Police safety is at risk when the population has the right to bear arms.
2. Assault rifles should be banned from all states in the United States.
3. States that permit their residents to hold firearms have lower crime rates.
4. Gunshot deaths are significantly lower in countries that do not allow their citizens to bear arms.
5. The Second Amendment needs a revision in light of the recent massacres in the US.
1. Is the United States foreign policy fuelling terrorism?
2. The United States should immediately withdraw all its forces from Syria and Afghanistan.
3. The ideology of a terrorist: when even one’s life is less important than one’s beliefs.
4. Terrorists should not be imprisoned without trial and should not be tortured for information.
5. Steps to counter terrorism in NATO countries.
1. The psychology of Donald Trump: how he won the elections.
2. Self-harm is psychological disorder, just like an eating disorder.
3. The value of Freud’s contribution to modern psychology.
4. The psychological effects of combat operations on US military personnel.
5. Can the human mind be controlled using psychological methods?
Simple Topics
1. The main causes of obesity in the United States.
2. The fast food industry should be taxed harsher.
3. Comparing verbal communication with non-verbal communication.
4. Sleep is absolutely necessary for the human body and mind.
5. Are lie detectors really that accurate?
Controversial Topics
1. Should healthcare be considered a privilege or a right?
2. Animal testing: the definitive pros and cons.
3. The Israeli-Palestinian war is intensifying with the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem.
4. Drone strikes in sovereign countries by the US are illegal under international law.
5. Athletes have the right to sit during the anthem if they wish.

Tips to Write the Perfect Term Paper

Now that you have a term paper topics 2018 list, you just need to start writing the research paper. College students are always afraid of the writing part of the process. But it’s not at all difficult if you know how to write a term paper. Here are a few term paper tips that will help you out:
• Create a list of term paper topics or get one (like ours).
• Always narrow down the topic. Avoid broad subjects at all costs.
• Make effective use of an outline (very important if you want to learn how to write a term paper).
• Never forget to edit and proofread your work.
• Avoid presenting facts that do not support your thesis.
• Avoid empty words and filler words. Use scientific jargon whenever possible. Keep away from slang.
We hope our fresh term paper topics will help you write the perfect research paper. Remember, you can use our list in any way you like. Of course, you can change any of the topics to suit your needs. Good luck!

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