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The Main Parts Of Research Paper You Should Know About

Are you a college student? If yes, it goes without saying that you will have to write a research paper at some point in time. You cannot use your own structure because there are specific parts of research paper. You need to adhere to these set standards for you to be sure of crafting a winning research paper. This article will give you some insights on the various research paper parts. The most important thing is to make sure that the paper you write captures the interest of the examiner. The professor will always peruse through your term paper to see some of the parts that you have included before he can even begin to read your work. It can be very hard to get a wining score if you miss out on some important research paper parts. The presentation and writing style of your research paper may vary from one academic institution and/or educational field to another. However, the content of the term paper is always similar. We also have some parts of research paper that are common in almost all learning institutions. This article will focus on these sections that are mandatory while writing a research paper.

parts of research paper

Research paper parts should be crafted carefully

The cover is very important. This section contains the title of the paper, date, email, phone number, address and the name of the author. Not all education papers need to have an abstract. However, abstracts are very useful when dealing with more complex and long academic papers. The length of an abstract can vary from 100 to 300 words. This section cannot be more than one page and it gives a broad overview of your work. It should describe the essence or main theme of your research paper. The abstract should have the research question that you have posed and its importance, the methodology and the main findings or results. You don’t have to include work cited or footnotes in this section. You also need to be extremely careful when writing the abstract. Remember this is the first section of the research paper that the professor will be reading. It must have strong and impressive content, general aesthetic appeal, and an excellent style. Do not try to write this section carelessly or hastily.

Creating Perfect Term Paper Introduction

An excellent term paper introduction has to state the thesis argument and research problem. You need to state the exact thing that you will be studying in the paper and its importance. You also have to talk about the originality of your paper and whether it will be filling any gap in other studies. You should not provide a long justification for your topic before you state it pricey. You should state from the onset what you intend to do and what you will not be attempting. There are several factors that you can use to limit the scope of your study. These include nationality, geographical location, age, gender, personnel, and time just to name a few. You also need to provide a discussion about your research methodology. It should state whether you employed quantitative or qualitative research methods. Also, explain whether you interviewed people or administered a questionnaire. Discuss whether you conducted any field research, how you collected your date, and whether you utilized archives or other libraries among other factors. You need to uncover the work of other authors on your topic. You need to discuss what is already known about the subject in this term paper chapter. Also, state how that knowledge was acquired. You can use this specific and general context of the existing body of knowledge to build your research.

  • Term paper Body

This section is the longest in ant term paper. The author should build his argument and support the thesis in this section. It normally has most of the analysis and citations. Make sure that this section pays attention to rational thesis development with a solid argument of all points and clear reasoning. Use a clear focus and avoid meaningless digressions in order to deliver the essential unity that defines a strong academic paper.

  • Term Paper Conclusion

After spending a lot of energy and time to introduce and argue the main points in your body chapter, the conclusion should bring everything together and emphasizes its meaning. The conclusion should be informative and stimulating so as to leave the reader well-satisfied and informed. The conclusion that wins praise should make sense when you read it independently from the other section of the paper.

Now You Know Main Chapters Of A Research Paper

An academic research paper should have at least one appendices. The materials that are contained in the research paper should be able to enhance the understanding of the reader. Some of these supplementary materials may include historical document copies, letter, survey instruments, glossaries, list of terms, photographs, pictures, maps, lengthy statistics, interview questions, questionnaires, summaries, charts, and tables among others. The research paper may have several Appendices and you can name them as 1,2,3, and so on. Students who are not sure of the various parts of research paper can always look for online assistance from online academic writers.

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