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The top 50 research paper topics in psychology 2018

Perhaps you’ve been trying to wrap your head around getting a unique topic for your psychology paper? In fact, doesn’t it sometimes feel like getting a great topic is more complex than writing the psychology paper itself? Thankfully, there are some really awesome places you can draw your inspiration from. And no, we’re not talking about the confines of your mind. We’ll be unveiling a great list of 50 research paper topics, of which you can tweak to help you get started. Many students in high school feel like finding a solid topic is rocket science. And the truth is far from that. In fact, once a student finds a credible topic to work with, they can write their psychology paper seamlessly!

50 research paper topics on psychology

Importance of choosing an excellent research paper topic

But why is getting a sound topic that important in psychology? Well, it stems from the fact that psychology is one of the broadest fields in the Academic spectrum. Ideally, every student should discover a topic that gives them the liberty to appropriately cover every facet of its objectives without feeling overwhelmed with content. So when you start looking for a topic, it is important that you keep the guidelines of your instructor in mind when doing so. In fact, in some general psychology classes, you’re even permitted to select any psychology related topic. However, when you are dealing with abnormal psychology (for example focusing on a psychological disorder) your topic will tend to be more linear. The secret to selecting a viable online topic for your psychology paper is to narrow down and focus on a particular subject. However, make sure that you don’t narrow down on it so much so that you cannot utilize other sources of information when writing. One great way of achieving this is by focusing on a specific branch of psychology. For example, you might begin by studying on any kind of social psychology topic. Then you can choose to focus on something such as influence behavior. There are multiple research paper topics when it comes to psychological disorders that you can select from. And when discussing these disorders, you can look at facets such as treatment modalities as part of the topic. Some term paper topics you might be willing to explore in this area include language, decision-making, and intelligence.

Do research and writing related to Human Development

There are many topics for a research paper you can choose from this field of psychology. For starters, you can begin with issues related to early childhood, or maybe divulge deeper into language development. In fact, you can even concentrate on issues pertaining to age such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Another great option to consider when looking for research paper topics on psychology is the critique of a given academic journal, or published book in psychology. For example, you may choose to do a critique of Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams.
In fact, professional journals are a great place to source content for your critique paper. You have the option to browse through numerous collections in your college library. Therein, finding content related to the subject that you’re interested in pursuing. In the history and field of psychology, there have been many astonishing and groundbreaking experiments. And the best thing is that they provide ample content for students looking to find research paper topics about psychology. For example, you might choose to analyze the research methods used, summarize the whole experiment, or write a paper on the final conclusions of the study. The history of psychology is endowed with many prominent figures that shaped and birth its current importance. Why not write a paper about them? In fact, most students think that writing a historical paper can be a dry and academically constipating affair. Instead, you can take a unique approach to this by mentioning all the interesting stories that spanned these figures’ lives, connecting them with the monumental research they did over the years.

Concentrate on a given career in Psychology

Another great topic you can focus on is to divulge more on specific career paths found in psychology after completing college. For example, in your paper, you can opt to talk about the duties of a psychologist in a given field, how much money they make, and the different employment opportunities available for them.
With that being said, here are the 50 research paper topics psychology you should definitely consider the next time you’re looking for a viable subject matter to discuss in your paper.

1. Is Child Obesity a form of parental neglect?
2. Find the link between television and obesity
3. The effects of stress on preterm deliveries
4. Situations that may cause the cutting yourself disorder
5. Effects that abortion might cause on mental health
6. The Prevalence of Dating Violence among teenagers
7. The consequences of teenage sexting and what we can do about it.
8. Can Stricter Laws Force Morality?
9. The effects that designer babies have on society
10. Social Interaction and how to go about them
11. How does one’s individual differences influence stress?
12. Psychological reasons as to the occurrence of depression
13. What are the causes of stress and its symptoms?
14. Does Gender have an effect on the depression of individuals?
15. The Stages of Human Development-Conception all the way to old age
16. Determining the mental development of special children
17. Does Gender have any effect on our memories?
18. Are there varying stages of human development in special children?
19. What is the relationship between stress and physical illness?
20. The differences between short term and long-term memory
21. The effects that aging has on mental health and wellbeing
22. What role does our environment play in personality development?
23. The Influence that our work environment has on our self-esteem and motivation.
24. The Impact of Post-marriage counseling on divorced individuals
25. How can psychologists be involved in military negotiations?
26. The Impacts of violent music on our children
27. What is motivation and what are its varied theories?
28. Causes and Impact of Emotional and Physical Abuse towards the Elderly
29. The effects of birth order in the family on a person’s personality and their achievements
30. The Influence of In-Store Music on the selection of products
31. Teenage Suicide: Reasons as to why it happens and how we can handle it
32. The Role of Genetics and environment in Determining One’s Intelligence
33. The Effects of Overcrowding on Human beings
34. The Different Kinds of Torture and their psychological effects.
35. How Attraction changes perception; are they treated differently?
36. The different types of clinical uses for hypnosis
37. Psychological problems associated with homelessness
38. Encouraging Mental Health in the Workplace via Sports Psychology
39. The Psychology behind long-lasting relationships and marriages.
40. Should school uniforms be eliminated from the curriculum?
41. What are the different types of phobias and their effects on one’s personality?
42. The Steady Rise of Divorce in Society
43. The psychological workings of a homophobe
44. The psychological and emotional effects of solitary confinement
45. The Different effects of color on mental states
46. The role of environment on hyperactive children
47. Divulging on the psychological profile of a terrorist
48. How do we form habits and how can they be changed
49. What are the causes and consequences of shyness in adults?
50. The Negative impact of Hate Crimes on Communities
And there you have the 50 research paper topics 2018 you should definitely consider. If you’d like further help with your research paper, you can contact us and get connected to our expert writers here at

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